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Designing Single-Family Residential Decks

Our Deck Contractors Can Build a Gorgeous, Functional Deck That Serves Your Family for Years to Come

A lot of memories are made on decks, from family barbecues and sunset watching to hot tubbing. You deserve a custom-built deck that grows with your family and can give you many more years of enjoyment.  At Livewell Construction, we specialize in tear-off decks, replacement decks, and new decks. As your deck builder in Clackamas County, we are committed to designing and building a deck that caters to everything you want in a deck and more.

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Why Choose Us for Decking in Clackamas County?

We’ve done a lot of decks, and we’ll design your deck for you. That means that you don’t even need a drawing to start your deck building. You don’t even have to know what you want. We can make something for you that’s going to work well. Livewell Construction utilizes a design-bid-build model. In other words, once you call us, we’ll look at your deck or where you want your deck to go, provide a ballpark estimate based on our first conversation, and go through a design process where we explore different tweaks to the initial conversation to make sure everything is right.

We’re not the type of deck contractor who receives a bid and sends a cookie-cutter quote. Rather, we tailor our decks to the client and how the client wants to use them. Our decks are all custom-made, from the trim to the decorative boxes.

FAQs About Decking

1.) How long does it take to make a deck?
It depends on the size of the deck, the number of staircases, the type of railing, etc. A basic deck (e.g., a 15×10 square deck with railing) takes about 10 business days. A deck with lots of features or that wraps around the house can take 1-2 months.

2 ) How soon can you look at the job?
We almost never take longer than a week to go see a job. It’s usually 3-5 business days.

3 ) What type of material would you recommend?
That depends on your specific needs. We can do various materials, including composite, wood, and waterproof–to name a few.

4 ) Should I replace or repair my deck?
It’s best to schedule a consultation to find out. While we can repair decks if we’re adding to an existing deck or if you want to upgrade a deck alongside a new deck, we generally only do new decks and deck replacements.

5 ) What type of railing can you do?
We can do virtually all railing, including basic 2×2 balusters, cable railing, hog fence railing, and iron railing.

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When you want a high-quality deck in estacada, we’ve got you covered. Livewell construction is a go-to deck builder in clackamas county that is happy to help with all of your decking needs. Reach out today for a free consultation. We’re here to serve.


These guys were able to help with several small projects around our home. They are professional and courteous. They were even good about having some flexibility in their schedule as ours changed often.

Ron and Thadd did an excellent job of repairing holes in sheet rock in a rental house for us. I couldn’t find the repair and I knew where they were! They painted the full interior; walls, trim and cabinets. Great men to work with, they even pulled up carpet that they knew was going to be replaced, going above and beyond.

Ron from Livewell Construction & Remodeling removed our old shower and installed a new one for us. We are very satisfied with the work he and Thadd did in our home. We would highly recommend them to friends and neighbors
Love these guys! Professional, easy to work with and detail-oriented. They do a fabulous job. Call them- they will see your project through. Can't recommend them enough!