5 Reasons To Not Replicate Your Old Deck

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It is common to see your aging wooden deck and to decide to replace it. You might find it easy to assume that your deck would be perfect if it were exactly the same, but new. Here are some things to consider before you decide to make a replica of your old deck.

  1. First. if you are going to invest your hard earned money into a deck, don’t you want it to be better than before, not the same? Why not a clean slate?
  2. If you make a replica of the deck, it may not integrate with the layout of your yard. Start by rethinking the layout of your yard. Then think about how the deck should integrate with the yard.
  3. Ask yourself, how many people will I invite to my house? Your existing deck may be what you’re used to, but it may not accomodate seating for you and your friends.
  4. What about the stairs? Does your staircase lead you where you want to go in your yard, or do you find yourself taking the long way? If your mindset is to replicate the existing deck, you may not even consider that there are flaws in the current design.
  5. You might miss out. If you let a good contractor do his job, he’ll give you ideas on great products. New products are coming out all the time that make your deck more useful, aesthetic or durable and it may even be a similar price! If you call your contractor and just say, “I have a deck and I would like to replace it with the same thing,” then you might miss out.

Bonus tip: Whether you re-design your deck or replicate your deck, it is tempting to use the same leger board. Don’t do this. Always remove the existing leger board and make sure to attach the new one to framing that is secure and not showing signs of rot. The leger board is normally attached to the rim board of the house and if that lumber is rotted then you will have safety issues sooner or later.